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Wave FM Internship – Week Thirteen

This week in the Wave FM newsroom, I worked more on Newsboss, writing articles and practiced reading in the studio.


When I walked into the newsroom this morning, Rob asked me to practice working on Newsboss, sourcing the news and audio from Newsmaker, and then saving the stories into a folder in Newsboss. Once I finished that quickly, Rob handed me a press release on the University of Wollongong and the announcement of their Molecular Horizons Research Centre. Rob briefly explained what the press-release was about, and how it had a lot of wordy scientific jargon. He wanted me to do the best I can at simplifying what is said and write it into a three-four paragraph radio article. This was a fun challenge as it meant really reading the information in the press-release to get an understanding of what is being said, to write it in a way that the radio station’s listeners would be able to understand. Once I finished writing the article, I saved it into the casual folder in Newsboss for Rob to read.

In-between writing, Rob talked to me about my future in journalism. During our discussion, he explained that he thought my radio voice would be suited for a young audience radio station like the ABC’s Triple J. This was an awesome compliment, as I have thought about applying for the ABC’s yearly Cadetship.

After writing the article, I then went into the studio to practice reading previous news bulletins. Once my read was recorded and Rob listened back to it, he said that my production was good, but I still needed to work on my inflections. I then practiced reading in the studio some more, and when I was ready, Rob recorded my read again. This time I decided to deepen my voice and really remove any inflections. When we listen back to the recording this time, Rob was happy with my production and my inflections. Rob said that I sounded much more serious and authoritative. All I needed to focus on now was speaking in a more conversational tone.

Lastly, Rob read the article, and was happy with what I wrote. He explained though that, what I had written was something more for an ABC radio audience of 50 years and above. He then wrote a more simplified version of the story to demonstrate how you could write the article for a younger audience – something you might hear on Triple J. Rob said you need the Wow! Factor for younger audiences.


Overall, today was very insightful, as it allowed me to learn more about writing for different demographics. During studying journalism, I learnt to write more serious and mature articles in my subjects. It was awesome to know that I have the capability of writing for listeners in their 50s and older; and it’s great to know that I can write articles in a more creative and captivating way for a younger audience, instead of always keeping to a rigid formal tone.