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Wave FM Internship – Week Ten

This week in the Wave FM newsroom I continued to work more on Newsboss, writing articles from press releases and police reports, along with practice reading of news bulletins in the studio.


In the morning I recorded audio from Sky Radio, and practiced sourcing the articles from Newsmaker, a media website that essentially gives you all radio news like Newsboss. I then edited and normalised the audio in Newsboss Audio and pasted the mp3s into the casual file in Newsboss and placed them with their accompanying articles. Though I pretty much have this method down from weeks of practice, it is now more about making my time-management faster. In the Newsroom Rob and Dave have to create a bulletin for the hourly news, so finding and writing newsworthy articles quickly is essential.


After I finished collating all the news into the casual folder in Newsboss, Rob handed me a police report about a man acting indecently on a South Sydney train. Like last week I had to really simplify what was being said for listeners to understand. Police reports can be very wordy and have a lot of police jargon too, so keeping that in mind I wrote the article, which you can read below.


I then went into the studio to practice reading previous news bulletins. When Rob and I listened back to the audio, Rob explained that my projection was good; adding that all I needed to focus on still was my pauses, so as I don’t sound like I’m running out of breath, and my inflections. The pauses in reading, he added, comes with years of practice. Rob said by putting an ellipsis in-between words in the news bulletin articles, it will help with pauses. This is a trick Rob said he used when he started out.


Before Rob left for the day, he assigned me another article to write on the Innovation Campus, by reading the press release and listening to the accompanying direct quote audio of Illawarra Parliamentary Secretary Gareth Ward. This was a fun challenge, as it meant writing an article out of the direct quote. You can read the article below.


Once I finished writing, Dave got me to practice reading again in the studio. He then recorded my reading, which I saved for Rob to listen to later.

Before it was time to leave for the day, I wanted to write another article. Dave suggested to write an article about transportation and the closing of Bulli Pass. He then gave me a challenge of writing it in two minutes, and have it ready by the time he was finished reading the 2pm news on air. I accepted this challenge and successfully wrote the article and saved it before Dave finished reading the news in the studio, which he was impressed with. What was great about this challenge that Dave set for me was that it demonstrated and proved that I could write quickly under pressure. I now know that I am set for a fast-paced working environment.


Overall today was fun and challenging. I never thought I had it in me to write that fast, which is awesome. It has boosted my confidence in my writing even more.