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Wave FM Internship – Week Fourteen

Today the Wave FM newsroom was a little crowded as we had another radio journalist working on articles for radio station 2ST in Nowra, so I spent most of my time working in the studio. The second last week of my internship has come so quickly, it’s hard to think that I’m nearing my end in the newsroom with Rob and Dave next-week.


This morning Rob asked me write a radio article about Labor’s announcement on Wednesday to upgrade roads and tourist destinations in the Illawarra. I managed to get that article plus others articles written quickly today, so my time-management has sped up. Once Rob read through it, he made only a couple of edits, and placed the article into the prep folder for Dave to use for one of the afternoon news bulletins.


Rob then found another story in the Illawarra Mercury, that he wanted me to turn into a three paragraph radio article. This story was about the future plans for Killalea State Park. Again, once I finished the article, Rob reviewed it, made a couple of edits and then placed it also in the prep folder for Dave to use.


Once these stories were completed, Rob asked me to practice reading one of the previous news bulletins. Thinking back to how my voice sounded last week, I really wanted to improve it. I recalled how one of my journalism lecturers taught me to deepen my voice and work on my inflections. Rob had also mentioned last week that I needed to make the tone of my voice not only authoritative, but also sound like I’m having a conversation with my audience. In the studio while practicing I focused on these ideas, and when I was ready, Rob recorded my reading. When we listened back to the recording Rob was very pleased. He asked if I had been practicing over the weekend, and said that my pauses, inflections, and the tone of my voice had dramatically improved; so much so, that he saved the recording.

Before Rob left for the day, he handed me a press release about a survey the Kiama community are undertaking to voice their opinions to the local council. I wrote this pretty quickly, and saved it to the casual folder for Rob to read later. You can read the article below.


Once this was written, Dave asked me to write another article on the University of Wollongong’s study on over-the-counter medication.


Lastly before I left for the day, I practiced reading in the studio for the second time, and saved the recording for Rob to listen to.

Overall, being the second last week of my internship at Wave FM, I’ve noticed how much my time-management has quickened, and how much I’ve enjoyed writing for radio. I’m very happy that my radio voice has improved a lot after taking in the advice of Rob, and remembering past advice from a journalism lecturer. Now that I have finally accomplished how to speak properly for on-air radio, I will endeavour to keep the quality of my voice at a high. I am really interested in a career in Radio, so, as I was advised by Dave, I am keeping an eye out on Radio Jocks Journal every week for a possible job opportunity.