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Wave FM Internship – Week Fifteen


Today was the last day of my internship in the Wave FM newsroom. The last fourteen weeks passed so quickly, and I can definitely say that I have learnt so much and have gained a lot of experience working with Rob Gooda and Dave Clark.


During my last four hours in the newsroom, I wrote an article on the brief opening of Bulli Pass, before it officially opens again in December, which you can read below. Rob was away this week, so I will email him to thank him for the awesome opportunity of working at Wave FM for my internship.


This morning Dave saved my final reading practice recordings from last-week onto my USB, to take home. I have uploaded one of the recordings onto Soundcloud for you to listen to below.

For the first two hours, Dave and I spent most of the time talking about my next steps in pursuing a career in journalism, and gaining as much experience as I can. Dave used to talk about music on-air before working in the newsroom, so we were talking a lot about music too. He suggested that an awesome idea to keep practicing my radio voice would be to start a podcast, where I discuss music and interview bands. I was talking about Lady Ga Ga’s new album Joanne, and explaining to Dave how I believe her new album really shows her strengths as an artist. It’s raw, passionate and personal, plus her voice gets to shine more so than being overrun by production. The music has a real groove and funk vibe, which is definitely the influence of Mark Ronson, who produced the album. Dave was impressed by what I said and stated “That’s your first podcast right there”.

Dave also suggested that I keep up with my Music Mayhem with Mandy blog, where I interview local, national and international bands. He gave me tips on how to avoid bands who are hard to interview too. Dave then added that approaching local newspapers to write an unpaid music column for the experience would be good idea too. Overall, he was really impressed of my blog when he looked it up on the computer. Dave’s advice here was to interview bands and write gig reviews as much as I can in the local area; to make my presence known, and become the best in the area.


Once Dave left for the day I helped the 2ST journalist Nicole, by writing articles that she needed to have recorded and finished for the radio station. The way 2ST writes their news is a little different to Wave FM. Being a Shoalhaven and Southern Highlands station, their news focuses more on local stories, so I was finding sports news from the Southern Highlands to write into a two-three sentence paragraph article. I wrote two Sports articles for Nicole and saved them into the station’s folders on Newsboss.

Nicole had also recently interviewed a Wingecarribee Shire Council member about the Free Child Restraint Checking Day. I went through the interview on Newsboss audio, found a direct quote to use, edited out the breathing gaps, and then saved it as an mp3. I then listened back to the original audio, and wrote an article out of it in Newsboss. I then placed the edited direct quote mp3 into the story too, before saving it into the 2ST folder for Nicole.


I also talked to Nicole, and asked her how she came to work at 2ST and part-time at the Illawarra Mercury. She explained that she gained as much experience as possible through internships, and kept an eye out for casual job opportunities at both the radio station and the newspaper. So ultimately experience and applying for the place you want to work at when they have a position advertised is essential.


Overall, gaining experience and working with Rob and Dave in the Wave FM newsroom has helped take my writing and voice production to another level. Both Rob and Dave, through their advice and guidance, changed me from a shy soft-spoken intern – to a more assertive and confident intern. I can’t wait to start a career in writing and journalism. I will definitely be keeping in touch with both Rob and Dave in the future.