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Wave FM Internship – Week Eleven


Week eleven in the Wave FM newsroom was another day full of articles, along with time-management and reading practice.


Working on Newsboss, I sourced radio articles from Newsmaker, plus downloaded their accompanying audio, and compiled them into the next hourly bulletin folder for Rob. Getting the articles together with their audio quickly allowed me to continue working on my time-management skills. Once they were all in the folder on Newsboss for Rob, he looked over them and chose the articles, along with the sports news he wanted to use for the next news bulletin.


Going into the studio to practice my reading for the week, I worked on my inflections and pauses. Once we listened back to the recording, I managed to get the pauses good near the end of the bulletin, but was a little quick in reading near the beginning. Rob explained that I sounded more relaxed in reading once I got the sports section, and that I need to have that same sound at the beginning too. Other than that my production and pace was good.


What was a massive achievement today was having one of my articles read on air by Dave on the 2pm Wave FM News. After I had practiced reading in the studio, Rob asked me to write an article about the court-case involving Wollongong and Shellharbour Council. Dave had told Rob about the two-minute writing challenge he set for me last week, of which they both decided to give me a 10-15-minute challenge for this next article. Once I wrote the article in-between that time frame, Dave and I read through it and edited it together. Once it was completed, Rob had a read through and was happy with it. He then moved it into the 2pm folder for Dave to use.


Once Rob left for the day, I practiced reading one of the previous news bulletins in the studio again, recording and saving it for Rob to listen to later. I then went looking online for news to write radio articles on for practice. I wrote one on Wollongong restaurant, His Boy Elroy and another on the Wollongong Hospital surgery waiting list.


Earlier today Rob organised for me to start earlier next-week, so that I can experience what it’s like in the newsroom in the morning, when you prepare half-hour and hourly news bulletins. So in week twelve I will be starting at 5am in the morning and finishing for the day at 9am. I am very excited to be in the newsroom in the early hours of the morning next-week, though I believe I will possibly be a zombie by 9am.


Lastly it was such an awesome moment to hear an article I wrote being read on air by Dave on the 2pm news bulletin. It was such a great confidence boost to think that my writing was on-air-ready for listeners to hear. Through the weeks I have done my internship in the Wave FM newsroom, Rob and Dave have helped me believe in myself and my writing. There are many people that cross your path that encourage you to be your ultimate best, and they are definitely two of them. I will always be grateful.