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BCM111 The Refection of an Adventure!

The Hobbit: An unexpected Journey, 2012.
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, 2012.

So once again another semester of blog posting is coming to a close, this time for BCM111, and I have to say second semester has definitely felt like quite an eye opening journey. I felt like Bill Bo Baggins from the film, The Hobbit (2012) screaming I’m going on an adventure!

At the beginning of International and Media Studies, I was not sure what to expect, but since then I feel that through second semester, a veil has been lifted and I have learnt so much about how the different international countries can influence each other through globalisation and hybridity. With how music, particularly Hip Hop, has integrated and influenced many internationally – especially through Samoan Hip Hop dancing. How through transnational films, especially wuxia/ martial art East Asian films can become Americanised when remade – for example ‘The Seven Samurai’ (1954) and its American remake, ‘The Magnificent Seven’. (1960) It is also awesome how East Asian martial art films have also had their own impact on American films and televisions as well – like “The Transporter” (2002), “Kill Bill” (2003), and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (1997).

What was also interesting, was how humour and other television shows that originate in one country, may or may not have an equal success as a remake in another country. To realise that humour is very different globally, that though a show like “Kath and Kim” was considered a great comedy hit in Australia, it had a different response from the American Audience when remade and Americanised.

Last but not least, what also had an impact this semester was how much as an audience and reader of mass media we can be blindfolded by the media to what is happening internationally because it may not be considered news worthy.

Overall the journey through this subject has been awesome, and to think it’s just the mid-point for the next two years left of my study at UOW! Time to see where the next part of the journey starts…farewell BCM111!


Reflection – endings and to new beginnings!

Friends 1994-2004, WarnerBros.
Friends 1994-2004, WarnerBros.

So like all good things, they must come to an end – ah I sound so cliché right now! Oh well you know it’s true!

Now here we are at the end of our first assignment for BCM 110, and I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t learn anything over the last few weeks. Reflecting over the lectures – the veil; the pink shades diluting my view of the media have been taken off; and I’m sure it’s the same for the rest of you as well.

Every lecture has been very insightful and interesting, learning about companies like Fair Fax and Ruper Murdoch, and how much they own of the media. To understand that the voice of the media has so much power, and how what we may read in the newspaper or what we may see on the news – telivision, might just be only half of the truth; fragmented. To be able to understand semiotics, actually understand the meaning of a picture – knowing that from now on as a BCM student, everytime I see an advertisment in a magazine or an ad on television I won’t be able to help but look for the conotations and signifiers! What have you done to me!

Writing this blog has been really awesome, and it has been great – being able to give insight into my understandings and my point of view on what we have learnt about of the media.

Last of all I would like to say, when you think about it our blogs have been a bit like a media sphere – where we have all come together, written and expressed our opinions about the issues of media. We are the virtual version of a coffee house, as Jurgen Habermas might say!

Friends 1994-2004, WarnerBros.
Friends 1994-2004, WarnerBros.

Finally it has been fun to read and comment on some really awesome posts and to make new firiends, thank you! Over and out!!