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Wave FM Internship – Week Twelve

Working in the Wave FM newsroom at five in the morning. 

Working in the Wave FM newsroom this week was different compared to the previous eleven weeks. Today I woke up at 3am in the morning, had breakfast and got ready to drive over to Wave FM at 5am. Waking up that early was experience in its self! I commend anyone waking up that early for work. Today I worked in the newsroom from 5-9 am.

Once I got to Wave FM in Warrawong, I quickly rang up Rob to let him know I was there. Rob starts work every morning at 4am, and at that time the radio station’s front door is kept locked. After he walked downstairs to let me in, we went to the newsroom to start working.


From 5:30 until about 9am, Rob puts together hourly and half-hourly news bulletins to read on-air; so for the first two hours, I observed how Rob sources news for both bulletins.

In the morning, finding news to read is different from the rest of the day. Breaking news is only really starting to be released, so Rob sources more local news at first before national. Looking at other local stations that are linked to Wave FM via Newsboss, Rob found a couple of stories to add into the bulletins. He also wrote a couple of articles on stories sourced from newspapers like the Illawarra Mercury and Sydney Morning Herald. What is cool about this, is how it shows that traditional media hasn’t totally died off when it comes to finding news at the start of the day. Maquarie Radio also started sharing national news stories on Newsboss and Newsmaker, so Rob chose articles suited to the radio station’s listeners for the bulletins.

Selfie with Rob Gooda in the newsroom. 

In the bulletins there are also short advertisements that are read on-air to introduce the sports news and the weather. The Wave FM staff send the current advertisement to Rob via email, which he then adds into the bulletin. Rob then found out how much the petrol was for the day to add into the morning bulletins’ Fuel Watch section.

About ten minutes before the hourly news bulletin, a traffic journalist reporting Sydney and the Illawarra’s traffic conditions from a helicopter rings Rob up to give him the traffic updates. Rob recorded the phone call via Newsboss audio, which he then edited and normalised, before saving and adding the mp3 into the news bulletin. Lastly Rob sourced and added the weather conditions for today and over the weekend into the news bulletin, before heading into the studio. In the morning all this process, from what I observed, is repeated very quickly from the half hour to the hour. The newsroom at the start of the day is much more fast-paced than the afternoon.

Over the next couple of hours after observing what Rob does to organise the half-hourly and hourly news bulletins, I went onto the other computer in the newsroom and began to quickly source the news and audio from Maquarie Radio on Newsmaker, and added it into the next bulletin’s folder. Once Rob finished writing other articles, he went into the folder and chose which article he wanted to use in the bulletin. I continued to do this for the half-hour bulletin and hourly bulletin until I left for the day. I also kept an eye out on other stories on Newsboss that I thought might be good for the next news bulletin. Whenever I found one, I let Rob know what it was about, how it might interest the radio station’s audience, and told him where it was located for him to find. Lastly before I left, I practiced reading in the studio.


Overall, at the end of the day, I was fairly tired; but it was an accomplished tired, not a zombie tired. What was great about working early hours of the morning this week was how it proved that I can work under-pressure even when I’m tired. It’s weird, but I liked working in the early-hour fast-paced environment of the newsroom. Today is definitely one of my favourite weeks so far at Wave FM.


Wave FM Internship – Week One

Through my five years of studying creative writing and journalism at the University of Wollongong, (and to be honest even before then), my dream was to have a career that involved writing and music.


When I was little I pretended to be a journalist for radio, interviewing a fictional pop-star who of course was played by my sister. We would giggle through the interview, being kids and all, after which we announced the next song we were going to play on our Cd player.

To think, about fifteen years later, here I am blogging about the first day of my internship with Wave Fm.


My first week at Wave FM was memorable and a lot of fun. I work four hours (10am-2pm), every Wednesday in the newsroom with news bulletin presenters Rob Gooda, and Dave Clark.

The Radio station’s work atmosphere is conservative and yet very relaxed too. Everyone in the main office quietly talks to each other as they work, with the radio playing softly in the background. The receptionist was the first person to greet me, before ringing Rob to let him know that I had arrived to start the first day of my internship. I had left home early to make sure I got to Wave FM by 10am, but instead I managed to get there by 9:45; I guess I was really excited to start.


Today Rob showed me around the radio station, and I observed how the newsroom is run. I was shown how a computer software program called NewsBoss works. Rob explained that radio stations use NewsBoss to find and share news that is breaking throughout the day. This is also where you write radio articles and create the hourly news bulletin.

The Wave FM Newsroom.

For the first two hours Rob showed me how he puts the hourly news bulletin together. He explained that we need to think of who our demographic is when choosing the news that we plan to read on air. Sports is a very important part of the bulletin too; especially the NRL and the cricket, so Rob suggested that reading sports news would be very beneficial.


What was also quite interesting to observe today was how Rob created an article after we heard a siren sound off outside. Rob firstly logged into the police records that the media is allowed access to. Discovering that there was a fire incident in Shellharbour, he rang up the police to get a direct quote.

Rob also explained that in the early hours of the morning, when he starts at four, he finds most the breaking news from local and Sydney newspapers. Rob suggested that once I become comfortable with how to work in the newsroom, he would possibly get me to work one Wednesday from 4-9 am, experience how quick-paced finding and writing news is of the morning for radio.


Once Rob finished for the day I worked with Dave, who presents the news from midday onwards. I continued to observe how the newsroom is run, and Dave showed me how he finds his news from NewsBoss, Newsmaker and Twitter.

In news bulletins audio is also used, so I was able to observe how to edit and normalise recorded quotes on NewsBoss Audio too.

Dave wrote an article for Wave’s online newsroom page, and showed me how those stories are put together and published. It was very similar to how a Wikinews article is created – except it is a much smaller word count. The article was about sharks, so Dave found a photo from commons to compliment the story.

Lastly, I finished the four hours by looking the the articles on NewsBoss, to get a feel for the hard-hitting stories that are read on news bulletins, which I discussed with Dave.


Overall, I loved every minute of my first week interning at Wave Fm. Rob and Dave are great teachers and are awesome to work with. From learning how a newsroom runs, to talking about Pokémon Go, Iron maiden and The Hollywood Vampires with Rob and Dave, it was amazing to finally be a part of the radio journalism sphere.14281354_10207353852097696_1620939226_n

Wave FM Studio in the Newsroom where Rob Gooda and Dave Clark read their hourly news bulletins.