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The Media Sphere is so Fetch!

Back in week five we learnt about the mediated sphere, where a group of people come together to discuss particular issues. We were given insight into Jurgen Habermas’s theory of the public sphere being like a coffee house, a place where people meet up to talk about pressing news.

For this post we were asked to find something that would easily be open to be debated in a mediated public sphere. So I thought back to a film that had…and still has an impact on the youth. A film that is so hilarious and addictive to watch, a film that nearly every girl can relate to when they went to high school; I think you know what film I’m talking about Mean Girls.  OMG that is so Fetch!!

Mean Girls 2004, film, Paramount Pictures
Mean Girls 2004, film, Paramount Pictures

The film Mean Girls came out in 2004. The screenplay written by Tina Fey was inspired by Rosalind Wiseman’s book, ‘Queen Bees and Wannabes’ written in 2002.

Mean Girls 2004, film, Paramount Pictures
Mean Girls 2004, film, Paramount Pictures

Mean Girls to simply put it is a comical view on how girls bitch and bully each other in high school; the different cliques people are in, and how Cady gets back at Regina George. So how can it be debated in the media sphere? First of all everyone quotes lines from the film whenever it gets brought up in a convesation. Quotes such as:

“That’s so fetch!”

“Boo you whore.”

“She doesn’t even go here!”


There are just so many quotes to list! Here is a clip with some of the quotes that get brought up all the time.

There is also the Burn Book, a book that The Plastics write in to bitch about girls in the year. I remember when Mean Girls came out how so many girls who were bullies themselves would try and make their own Burn Book!

I think the most important issue that underlines this film is the concept of bullying, and how it affects girls when they’re trying to fit in at highschool. More or less nearly everyone can relate to Mean Girls because of this.

All these concepts into one film and you have a timeless film that relates to adolescents of the past, presesnt and the unfortunate high school students of the future.

Thank God that I’m not at highschool now!! Laters Biatch!


Mean Girls 2004, film, Paramount Pictures

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