Wave FM Internship – Week Nine

This week in the Wave FM newsroom I worked on writing more radio articles, which included writing about local stories sourced from press releases and police reports.


The first story I was given by Rob to write was from a press release which talked about how new highway patrol cars are to be introduced onto NSW roads, including in the Shoalhaven. The press release listed the areas that would get the new cars, and Nowra was one of the places mentioned. When writing the article, I focused on how NSW was introducing these new patrol cars; which you can read below in the bottom part of the photo.


When I showed Rob the article, he was happy with what I wrote, but explained that it needed to have a local angle to appeal to listeners. Going back into the studio, where I was writing in Newsboss, I edited the article and focused on Shoalhaven.



Following the article, I went back into the studio to practice reading a previous news bulletin. After listening back to the recording with Rob, he explained that my production is good, and that what I need to focus on now is my pauses, to make sure my reading pace isn’t too fast, and my inflections.


Before Rob left for the day, he handed me a police report on a car chase in Albion Park to turn into a three paragraph article. Rob, Dave and I also took a selfie today, which you can see below.

Selfie with Dave Clark and Rob Gooda.

Writing an article out of a police report was fun and very challenging, as I had to read through the police jargon and the wordy description, to then write the facts in a more simplified way in the article. Once I wrote the article, Dave opened it up in the casual folder on his computer and we went about editing it. He explained that I could simplify the story even more by writing that the Lake Illawarra Police charged a man, instead of saying that a man was charged by police. We then focused on how the man’s car smashed into the rear of a police car, and cut out parts that weren’t needed. By making the article more concise, it explained the story easier. Dave explained that police reports were difficult for him at first, and that it’s all about eliminating the jargon and finding the most-simplest way of telling the story for listeners to understand.


The last article I wrote for the day was on a press release from Warrigal, which was about employing local workers. Remembering the advice, I received from Rob about the article I wrote in the morning, I really localised the story so that it would appeal to listeners. You can read the article below.


Lastly, Dave and I discussed where I wanted to go media wise in my career. I explained how I’m interested in all platforms of media whether it’s print, online, television or radio; but from over the last few weeks of experiencing the radio and newsroom work atmosphere, I would really like to pursue a career in radio. Dave then introduced me to two websites that frequently keep you up-to-date with radio job opportunities.


Overall the idea of working in a fast-paced media environment that has an immediacy in news, like online media, is very appealing. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for radio positions from here on in.