Wave FM Internship – Week Eight


Where I write in the newsroom

This week in the newsroom I concentrated more on writing and reading, focusing on typing up as many three sentence radio articles as I can through the four hours and perfecting my radio voice.


In the morning when I sat down at the computer, Rob asked me to continue working on NewsBoss, so I went looking for a story I could write into a radio piece. I went onto the Illawarra Mercury’s website, and chose to write on the conflict between Labour and Liberal on the upcoming closure of Bulli Pass. Once I completed that, I saved it in the casual folder of NewsBoss, and Rob opened it up from his computer to read what I wrote. I was a little nervous about the repetition of “Bulli Pass”, but Rob said that it was ok.

He was happy with what I wrote, and he only made a couple of suggestions. I hadn’t defined which of the MPs were Labour or Liberal, so he fixed that, and also added in the sentence “the state government has been scathing in its criticism of the shutdown”, to really convey the tension between the two parties. You can read the article below.


The next story I worked on was a press release that Rob gave me on the recent inspection of trucks and trailers that were discovered to be defective. When reading the press release you have to discern what quotes you want to paraphrase, along with finding the core of the story. In the article below, I used a fairly light quote. Rob suggested that a quote that is more serious would easily work in the article too.


I practised my radio speaking voice three times today; two after writing the truck inspection article, and another in the afternoon. What is really great about practising reading news bulletins in the studio, now that I’m eight weeks into the internship, is how it’s now about fine tuning so to speak. After Rob listened to the recording, he was happy with the projection of my voice, and explained all I need to practice on is learning to have pauses in reading; so that I don’t sound like I’m running out of breath. I also need to work on adding inflections, so that I’m not just reading the news, but also adding emotion into what I say. With the third recording I focused on putting emotion and inflections into the stories I was reading in the bulletin. I then save the recording for Rob to listen to later.

I plan to practice reading more on my own time as well – to work on pauses and inflections, by reading short stories, and maybe poetry. Dave explained that reading the bulletin is like a performance. You need to make the news entertaining, so that your audience listens to you.

Before Rob left for the day, Rob left me a recording of a direct quote from Kiama MP Gareth Ward on NewsBoss audio, asking me to write another Bulli Pass article based off what Mr.Ward was stating. I had to pick one part of the recording to edit too, to save it with the story I wrote on NewsBoss. You can read the article and see the mp3 recording depicted below.


Lastly, I worked on writing two more articles, for Rob to read later. One was on the live music scene venues in Sydney, and the other was about a water park project by a TAFE tourism student.


Overall it was great to write more radio articles today. I feel that my time management with writing is starting to pick up, and hope by the end of fifteen weeks, it will be even faster.



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