Wave FM Internship – Week Six


This week in the newsroom I worked on writing more articles and practiced reading the news bulletin again.


The first article I wrote was on the Fire department’s events to help prepare the local area for bush fire season. Rob handed me a 700-word press release, and I wrote a three sentence paragraph news piece out of it. You pretty much have to find the main core points of the news/issue being advertised and write only that.


I also worked more on NewsBoss in the studio – finding the hard news stories from Sky and editing audio to go with the radio scripts. Rob feels that my time management is getting quicker in how I get the articles and audio into NewsBoss, so that is good.

This morning I practiced reading the 6am news bulletin in the studio again. It wasn’t my best work today as there were a few pauses, and my pace was a little quicker at the beginning than usual. There are also a lot of sport celebrities that have difficult names to pronounce but with the help of Rob and Dave, I was able to double check if I was reading their names right. There was also a local story about ice, and reading methylamphetamine was definitely a little tricky.


Before Rob left for the day, he found an article in the Illawarra Mercury to do with the booklets Norma Hay sent out to her electorates, so for practice I wrote a three sentence radio story on that. From there I went back into the studio to practice reading my own mock up news bulletin.


Dave listened to the recording and was happy with my pace and production. I had a little trouble pronouncing Nick Kyrgios’ last name when reading the sports on Tennis – but Dave gave some pretty cool advice as to how to make difficult last names easier to read. He said that writing out the names by how they sound (that I look at when I’m reading), it would make you less likely to stumble over them.

Dave also suggested that I read sports articles to get familiar with names that are frequently coming up in news sports, especially in the NRL and the cricket  – especially since cricket season is coming up.

Lastly, I kept working on story and audio editing in NewsBoss, along with finding a story online to practice writing a radio article. The piece I found was about how public primary schools in NSW are reaching capacity – as there are not enough classrooms to hold students and teachers.


Dave read over the article I wrote, and was happy with how my radio writing is improving. He also suggested, for me to practice writing for the fun on the weekends too.


Overall it was an informative day, and it has inspired me to practice even more radio writing skills and reading skills in-between university assignments. I also plan to start reading the sports news on the ABC app on my phone, so that I know what’s happening in NRL, and other newsworthy sports.


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