Wave FM Internship – Week Seven

On week seven of my internship adventure, I worked with Dave over the four hours as Rob went to a press conference.


When I walked into the news room, Rob had left me a letter on the desk detailing what he wanted me to work on during the day; which included working on writing a radio article based off a news story in the Illawarra Mercury and to practice my reading in the studio.

The article I worked on was about UOW’s international and national rankings this year. Really trying to focus on finding the guts of the story, plus writing it simply and concisely, I typed away in NewsBoss until Dave came into the newsroom at 10:15am. Here is the radio article I wrote.


Once I finished writing, I started finding news in NewsBoss, to practice making a mock-up news bulletin, and then found the audio on News Maker to pair it with the stories. News Maker is an online media website, with the same news you can find in NewsBoss, the only difference is that you can get the audio from there too.

News Maker.

Earlier this morning before going to Wave FM for the day, I read the recent sports news on the ABC app, so that I understood what was the most prevalent news that day. This included stories on the Socceroos, the retirement of an NRL player, and the success of the Australian Cricket team against Sri Lanka. It was good that I did this, as it ended up helping a lot during the four hours.

When I went through the sports section of Sky’s bulletin, I was never sure whether I needed all the sports information or not. When Dave went over the bulletin I created in NewsBoss, he showed me how to start pinpointing and selecting what sports news is excellent to have in the bulletin. As Dave only has three minutes to read the news on air, he explained that he chooses about three or four sports news to add into the bulletin. He then edits where necessary, if the writing is too wordy, to make sure that it doesn’t go over the time limit too much.  The news he selected as relevant was the Socceroos, NRL and the Cricket, along with the AFL too. Once he showed me how to discern what sports was newsworthy, I practiced sourcing it out and editing the sports updates in NewsBoss, when I started creating new mock-up bulletins.

While making up a new bulletin, I found another local story on the Kiama Festival, to write a three sentence paragraph radio article. During the afternoon, I worked on making my time management faster too.


Lastly, I practiced reading one of the previous Wave FM news bulletins in the studio, to keep working on my voice. Another difficult sports name came up again as I was practicing, so Dave helped me learn how to pronounce it. I stumbled over the name a few times, but once I started recording, I managed to read the name right.


What is great about being a part of a newsroom is that you start to become immersed in the news topics of the day. I also never thought I would see the day where I would start to become interested in reading about sports. It’s early days still, but I aim to become will informed in sports news.

Mock-up news bulletin on NewsBoss.



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