Wave FM Internship – Week Four

Wayne’s World 1992, motion picture, Paramount Pictures, USA, directed by Penelope Spheeris. 


Week four was excellent; as Wayne and Garth would say. Every time I work in the Wave FM news room, I am learning more and more from Rob and Dave.


This morning I started off the day by working on NewsBoss and editing audio. Now that I’m getting used to using the software, editing articles and finding direct quote audio grabs out of the recordings on NewsBoss Audio, I aim to be quicker and more time efficient. In the newsroom, you have about 45 minutes to put together a news bulletin, so sourcing and writing articles at a reasonable pace is prudent.

Today on NewsBoss there is plenty of news about all the sporting events at the Rio Olympics; so besides politics and other breaking news, this news topic is very much in the forefront.

To keep working on my radio writing, Rob handed me a press release sent to Wave about how the Southern Highlands council plans to introduce a green waste bin for domestic households called FOGO, after Shellharbour started successfully using them in July.

Press releases are usually around 500-700 words long, so I needed to read through and find what was the core of the news given before compressing it into three sentence paragraphs. It was very challenging, and I really worked on being less wordy.

Dave had a look at what I wrote, and gave me constructive and awesome advice. He explained that you don’t necessarily have to write out every name and title written in the press release.  Finding the guts of the story and simply writing is the main objective. Dave also added “remember what Roxette says: Don’t bore us, get to the chorus!” Dave uses a lot of music references to give advise, which is awesome; and being a Roxette fan, I feel this is one phrase that I’ll never forget when writing articles.

Dave Clark and I taking a selfie in the studio.

Both in the morning and the afternoon, I practiced reading news bulletins in the studio. When listening to the first recording Rob said that my reading pace was good, and that all I needed to focus on for the second reading was the production of my voice.

I read the bulletin in my own voice for the first time today too, instead of trying to sound deeper, as Rob explained that it’s always best to be myself. When listening back to the recording I was prepared to cringe when hearing my voice, but to my surprise I didn’t. Practising my radio voice last week and especially this week is really building my confidence up, and now I never have to feel self conscious about hearing my recorded voice again.

The second time I prepared to record again, I asked Dave how I should work on the production of my voice. He said to imagine that the computer wasn’t in front of me and that I was talking to a best mate instead, and said don’t be afraid to be bold. Both Rob and Dave mentioned the way actors on a stage project their voices during a performance. Rob said it comes from the diaphragm, and Dave said the same too, adding comically that if he couldn’t hear me reading from outside the studio room he would shout out “project louder!”

After reading the bulletin again this afternoon, Dave was happy with how I projected and said all I need to do next is to add tone and emotion into my reading. For example: by sounding a little more serious when reading deep topics and lighter with happier news. Dave explained this concept by saying: if you go to a gig and the band sounds bland throughout each song, you’re not going to be happy; but if they give a great performance throughout the set, the audience is going to love it. So pretty much the idea is to know and understand what you’re reading.


For next week I plan to read more national and local news. Dave said that the more I get familiar with news issues, it will be evident in how I read the bulletins.

Lastly, Dave and I took a selfie in the studio for the blog post and the journalist in the middle studio thought it was hilarious saying to Dave comically through the mic, “before I read the bulletin, I always take a selfie”.



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