Wave FM Internship – Week Five

Today was another fun and productive day in the newsroom. I worked on writing more radio articles, beginning with a story on a hold up in Kiama, sourced from the Illawarra Mercury. So far writing articles for radio are helping me be less wordy in my writing. My newsroom practice journalism subject helped me a lot in this instance too when I had to write synthesised articles for Wikinews and writing radio articles are improving how I write even more. I feel I did alright with the Kiama radio article I wrote, but I needed to make it sound more current and to the point.


I practiced editing audio and pairing it with the stories in NewsBoss, and today Rob showed me how to create a news bulletin, demonstrating how breaking news, local news, and sports is set up in the bulletin to be read. Today one news topic of focus in the bulletins was the return of the Australian team after the Rio Olympics.

News Bulletin on NewsBoss

Once my news bulletin was complete, it was set up in the studio and I practiced my radio voice again. This time I decided to read a little differently by adding more personality and emotion into my voice, to give each story I was reading justice.

This morning, during breakfast, I read through articles on the ABC app to have an understanding of what news was of importance today, and one of the major news topics was the banning of Dog Racing in NSW; which ultimately was in the news bulletin.

Last week Rob said it is much better for me to be myself and Dave explained how to project my voice, along with projecting emotion into each story too, and to “be bold”.

In order for me to do this though, it meant that I had to bring out the Amanda that is usually hiding her confident side in her shell.

Once my reading was recorded and played back – both Rob and Dave both had positive feedback. Rob smiled and asked Dave “what do you think Clarky?”, and Dave replied that he was very happy with my voice and said it really showed that I worked on what he suggested last week. Rob says that I have improved a lot; and that in itself is a major confident boost.


There are many people that come into your life and leave a positive impact, and during these first five weeks at Wave FM, both Rob and Dave have really helped me take my journalism skills to another level, and are helping me bring out my more assertive side. I am usually a very soft spoken and shy person and this internship is helping me break this habit.


Lastly, in the afternoon I practiced putting together another news bulletin, from what Rob had shown me to do this morning. I also went searching for a local story to keep practicing my radio writing skills. The story I wrote was on the upcoming Wollongong Film Festival, which you can see in the image below.

Overall writing, practicing my radio voice and creating news bulletins today were fun and informative.



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