Wave FM Internship – Week Two

In my second week at Wave FM, I started to learn how to work in the newsroom, which was very exciting after observing how everything is run last week.

Sitting at one of the computers, Rob showed me how NewsBoss works again, and asked me to practice finding stories that can be used in news bulletins. On NewsBoss, Sydney’s Sky News bulletin can be found. So what I had to do was find articles from there and put them into the casual folder of NewsBoss. Some stories can be a little wordy so I edited them, making them easier to read aloud. I practiced this a few times before I moved onto editing audio.

Working on NewsBoss


Editing audio for radio articles was challenging and fun. NewsBoss Audio reminded me of when I used to use a music editing software called Cubase, except this audio software is much simpler to use. Having that past experience helped a lot though.

Rob showed me how to upload, edit and normalise (makes audio louder) recordings on NewsBoss Audio first, and then demonstrated how to export the edited audio and paste it into a news article on NewsBoss.

The recorded audio went with the stories sourced from the sky bulletin, so I practised getting the direct quotes from within the recording. If the quotes were too soft, I normalised them to make the audio louder, before saving it and pasting it into NewsBoss.

Once Dave came into the newsroom, I kept working on NewsBoss, and Rob showed me how to record from the mixer to NewsBoss Audio, so that I had news recordings each hour to practice editing with.

I had a little trouble learning how to save the audio grab after I selected what I wanted to use out of the recording. Dave showed me how to put the selected audio into its own section on NewsBoss Audio, and then from there it was easier to tidy up and edit the quote before putting it into NewsBoss.

Today Dave also showed me how he edits and writes articles based off what is said in the direct quote in the audio, making the story more concise for reading on air.

Editing on NewsBoss Audio.

Overall I really loved becoming familiar with how to put articles into NewsBoss along with editing audio too, so that the stories are ready to be used in news bulletins. Reading the articles on NewsBoss was also great, as it helped me understand what news is viewed as important for listeners to hear on the radio.

I have learnt so much in one day, and I am looking forward to what I will learn next. In week three, I am going to start writing news articles, of which I am very excited about. Putting together stories for radio, and getting the chance to experience how the writing structure is different to other media platforms, is going to be a fun experience.

After I finishing today’s four hours, I was just as exhilarated about being a part of a newsroom as I was last week.


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