Wave FM Internship – Week Three

This week I practiced more on recording and editing audio, putting them with their stories in NewsBoss.


At 11am Rob asked me to stand in the studio to observe what he does to set up and read the news bulletin in the morning. It was really exciting to see how the news is read live every hour. There are two computer monitors – one where Rob keeps an eye out for the current weather conditions, and the other is where the hourly news bulletin is set up. There is also a mixer that Rob uses to go on air and to play the audio that is in the news bulletin.

All the other studios are also visible via the adjoining windows. Rob, the journalist in the middle studio, and the other radio hosts in the far end studio all communicate to each other this way (on air and off air via the mixer) to discuss certain news topics. These topics are either sports related or breaking news – and currently the Rio Olympics is the main focus, along with some NRL news too.

Watching the Rio Olympics – one of the main current news topics.


Today I also practiced my radio speaking voice for the first time. Sitting in the studio, I worked on reading Rob’s previous news bulletin; and when I was ready, he recorded me from the newsroom.

Thinking back to one of my previous journalism subjects, it was advised to me that the way to make my voice sound less girly and more authoritative, was to deepen my voice and manage any inflections; so that I didn’t sound like I was questioning what I was reading. When I read through the news bulletin, I focused on these suggestions.

Once I finished reading, and we listened to the recording, Rob said that my pace and my voice was good. All that I needed to work on was the production of my voice, so that I convey emotion through the stories. Saving the recording, Rob said that we would compare how my voice changes, through practice and progress, over the next twelve weeks. I look forward to hearing that change, as my voice improves.

Practicing my radio voice in the newsroom studio.

Rob also uses newspapers, including the Illawarra Mercury and The Sydney Morning Herald to find local and national stories that may appeal to Wave’s audience. Rob asked me to read a local political piece, and to write in my own words three small paragraphs that can easily be read on the radio.

What was great about stretching my writing legs was that it gave me a much deeper understanding of how radio articles are different to print and online stories.

Most print and online articles are around 500-700 words, but radio stories are smaller and to the point. What I needed to do was find the core of the story – and write my own article on the news topic in three sentence paragraphs. It is very much a concise inverted pyramid.


Over all it was amazing to start practicing my radio voice. I love reading, and I look forward to hearing the change in my voice at the end of week 15. Writing radio articles was excellent too, as it is a rewarding challenge to write a news topic simply and concisely into three paragraphs so that it can be read on the radio.


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