Film Industry: Media Emergence between America and China

Iron Man 3, (Marvel 2013) What does this film have to do with my post this week? Read on to find out!
Iron Man 3, (Marvel 2013)
What does this film have to do with my post this week? Read on to find out!

In lecture this week we discovered the emergence of Hong Kong music and television, an example being Kantopop, which is also influenced by western music.

Doing further reading about Chinese popular culture, I found out more on the Chinese film industry as well.

In Michael Curtin’s, ‘Comparing Media Capitals: Hong Kong and Mumbai’, he talks about how strict the Chinese media is in what films they let people watch.

He explains this saying:

“Chinese media on the other hand is held close by a state apparatus that fears criticism, democracy, and populism, as well as a host of ‘cultural contaminants’ that include on-screen depictions of horror, violence and sexuality.” (Curtin, M 2010)

Though the above statement may be true, I would like to enlighten you all to how the film industry in Hollywood is becoming more integrated with the film industry in China.

After reading a pretty awesome article by Buzz Feed, I found it very interesting to find out that more movies were being filmed and produced by Chinese companies working along side America. (Hollywood) For example DMG Entertainment from China produced Iron Man 3.

Iron Man in China!  Photo from,
Iron Man in China!
Photo from,

Jordan Zakarin from Buzz Feed also revealed that though censorship is still strict, Hollywood are now shooting extra scenes for movies so they can be viewed in China, so some films now have an American cut and China cut for a movie.

“While American movie audiences won’t be seeing special cuts made for these movies made specifically for the Chinese audience, there’s a chance that the influence of censors will impact the initial plans for films. In a complex global environment, that could impact any number of genres and storylines.” (Zarkarin, J 2013, Buzz feed)

Going back to what was discussed in lecture, this therefore has significant proof that through globalisation both west and east media now have a great influence on each other.

This in my opinion is pretty cool, as two Countries come together to make the film industry even more awesome for the future!


Curtin, M 2010, Comparing Media Capitals: ‘Hong Kong and Mumbai’, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA, accessed 30/8/13

Zarkarin, J 2013, Buzz Feed,  ‘How Hollywood’s Obsession with China May Change Movies Forever’, accessed 30/8/13,

For Further interest, read the Buzz Feed article, and check out the international trailer of Iron Man 3 below, which reveals extra parts of the Chinese cut of the film!


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