The Evil of Media Control

In week four we learnt about the power of the media –  about the companies that own media. We were given the following question: does it matter who controls the media?

My personal opinion would be yeah it does matter. Would you like to read the newspaper,  watch the news on telvision; listen to the news on the radio and get only half the truth of what is happening around the world? Fragmented stories, the media literally putting the wool over your eyes – I know I wouldn’t!

In Lecture we learnt about the most powerful person that has the most control of the media, Rupert Murdoch.

As we know Rupert Murdoch is known for fragmenting stories, and phone hacking celebreties and families in grief, which is horrendous! No one should have that much control!

Talking about how much Rupert Murdoch owns, an article written by explained that Rupert Murdoch owns many types of media for example – many newspapers, books, film companies, radio, social networks, and the list goes on! (Rupert Murdoch Biography, 2013)

There are many people that don’t like the idea of certain companies owning too much of the media, one of these people is none other than Hugh Grant, who was the one that found out about the phone hacking. Articles by HollyWood Reporter talked about how Hugh Grant became apart of a company, ‘Hacked Off,’ and how he has been fighting for media ownership restrictions. Journalist Georg Szalai explained this by saying, “Hugh grant has agreed to help fund and become a director of a not-for-profit company that will establish Hacked Off, a British campaign for press reform that was launched in the wake of the phone hacking scandal, as a full-time operation.” (Georg Szalai, 2012) He also quoted Hugh Grant talking about media control saying, “Otherwise you have these big corporations dictating your life.” (Gerog Szalai, 2012)

Overall it is not ideal for companies that abuse their power over the media to have control! If you don’t believe me well they’re probably doing this right now…

References: Rupert Murdoch Biography 2013, accessed 9/4/13,

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