Let me introduce myself!!




A very good friend of mine once told me, “ Don’t play a note you don’t feel and never write about what you don’t know about.”

These words have inspired me ever since.


Hi awesome people!! My name is Amanda, but most people know me as Mandy. I am in my second year at UOW studying Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies; Journalism, and Bachelor of Creative Arts; Creative Writing.


My two passions in life have always been music and writing. I have grown up listening to music pretty much everyday, silence is unbearable!! There’s still a family video somewhere of my little sister and I singing and dancing along to Spice Girls – Stop and dancing around the coffee table to Van Halen – Dreams, which plays at the end of The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie.


I sing and play guitar, I always find some spare time during the day to pick up my acoustic or PRS and just jam for a bit. I pretty much listen to any genre of music, anything you can air guitar to, headbang or even just dance around like an idiot!

At the moment I’m finding myself listening to a lot of 80’s metal, like Motley Crue, Poison, Lita Ford, Dio and Iron Maiden, to name a few.


I love writing because it fits in so well with music!! I have my own music blog, (Music Mayhem with Mandy) that I created last year for an assessment, and I continued it ever since. I interview and write about the local music of the Illawarra and Shoalhaven. The best part is meeting these talented musicians, going to their gigs and supporting them as well; they are all really awesome people!

My ultimate goal in life is to have a career in writing about music. Music will be a part of me forever!

Check out  Music Mayhem with Mandy Facebook and WordPress page!!





4 thoughts on “Let me introduce myself!!”

  1. Hi Mandy, I’m glad you have rockinaroundtheblog up and running. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts.

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